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Wilma Winter Plein Air.jpg


Wilma's Thoughts

My work has been a lifelong journey of experiences and is an expression of emotions I feel about my love of nature. Working in nature is more than an occupation — it’s an inspiration. Whether I am sketching, painting, photographing, or simply observing, I am always taken by the vibrant colors in this world. Mother nature is the greatest gift of all, and we need to protect it for our future generations.


My recent work focuses on impressionism — saying more with less. Even though, I’m often told “One can identify my paintings from across the room, by the use of my color palette,” my subject matter is varied from floral, wildlife to landscape. Growing up in Nebraska, wintertime was a special time for me; there was something inspiring after a blizzard when I could go outside and play in the snow.

“I think a good painting makes your eyes dance around the composition, each brushstroke of light and dark making a rhythm, drawing you around the work. Even now, each painting is a new struggle, learning as you progress through each step. Some days every brushstroke works, and those days keep me coming back to work again and again. It’s not about the painting. It’s about the act of painting, the doing, the seeing, and the feeling that opens the door to something more.  Painting is addicting, it gets in your soul and doesn’t let go. Art is my passion.”

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